3 tips for a successful camping trip


Camping with family is the best getaway and you will have the chance to spend some quality time with your dearest ones. You can have an altogether different experience in the lap of nature with your family. If planned carefully a camping trip can prove to be the most wonderful time of togetherness. But it would be nice to be well prepared before starting off for a camping trip. Though it is difficult to identify all the requirements for these camping trips, still a camping definitely be remembered and appreciated for many days to come.

First, you have to decide the camping spot and make everyone in the group to agree on the place of camping. Inquire about the campsite availability and the fees, if any, to be paid. Careful planning is very important and though there are many things to consider, we will limit the discussion to the following 3 points for a successful camping trip.


Tip 1: Pack the Right Equipment

This is the most essential thing to be decided about, for a successful camping trip. The absence of the right equipment can turn your camping trip from the best experience to the worst one. Check the weather forecast and pack your stuff accordingly but be prepared for any kind of weather. The most important equipment required would be a tent for night, a sleeping bag, good and reliable hiking boots, a flashlight, a jumper, safety equipment, raincoat, thongs, towels, hiking tools and the absolutely essential personal accessories. Also include the small tools like scissors, a knife, a bottle opener, first-aid kit and small pliers. But be careful to pack only the essentials cutting the weight you have to carry if the camping spot is away from the parking place.

Tip 2: Plan the food and cooking requirements


Always pack extra food while going on a camping trip. If you run out of supplies and in absence of shops near such secluded places, you may have to spend days without food. If you plan to cook on your camping trip, plan out the meals in advance. This will allow you to pack all the required groceries. You must take a portable stove or campfire along, to cook. This will make the camping all the more exciting. Try to pack along items that cook fast and easily. No need to plan a six course meal. Stick to basics. Most importantly, don’t forget about water. Take a lot of water.


Tip 3: Plan the Activities


This is also a crucial decision, especially if you are planning a camping trip with family and kids. Kids usually won’t have much to do on a camping trip and so they tend to get bored easily. Depending on the camping location, you can schedule activities like fishing, hikes, board games, campfire, nature–related games, musical games, paddle a canoe or bird walks. You can also carry some interesting books as well.

Finally, make a checklist of all the things that you need to take along. A camping trip gives you a lot of time to observe, explore and communicate with nature in addition to enjoying free time with your family. It also helps to strengthen the family bonding in a fun-filled and relaxed way.

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