I believe radar detectors should be illegal in the US

Radar detectors are used so widely and openly that it has become an imperative topic of deliberation and different people voice different view about making it illegal. In the USA some states strictly prohibit the use of radar detectors in commercial vehicles, but allow its use by private vehicle drivers.

In my opinion, making the strict and punishable law to inhibit the use of radar detectors in the USA is the safest way to save countless lives from death or lifelong handicap.

If you ponder on the use of radar detector, even if it is allowed in a region, is just like permitting the rash drivers to violate the most common traffic rules. Some websites speak about motorists use radar detectors to sense the presence of traffic radar guns from a safe distance and slow to the allowed speed limit before they are ticketed for over speeding.

I would be a bit rude if I say that it is a direct consent given to the drivers that are habitual of exceeding the speed limit. They are allowed to break those very rules that are meant to protect them from accidents. Such incidents harm not only those who drive rashly but these drivers are a potential threat to those people who follow the traffic and speed rules.

Everyone who owns the radar detector does not have the intention to violate the speed limits. Most of them, whom I know, use this device just to save themselves from the speeding tickets and the subsequent botheration of appearing in the court. They do this with a belief that a little misconduct will not harm anyone and they will save their hard-earned money. Young drivers have this notion and they are the ones who are worst affected by the consequences of such offence.

To save these naive people, I believe it is mandatory that laws should be made to tackle traffic rule violation and use to radar detector for any reason and be strictly enforced. The government should also take steps to spread awareness about the penalty and harm of such violations. If a strict law exists with a heavy penalty such as imprisonment, then I am sure most of the rash drivers will refrain from using radar detectors.

However, while they are still legal, I’m sure people won’t stop using them. I also use mine from time to time, as I have received it a as gift from my children. If you’d like to find out more about radar detectors, you should read these links.

Great places to visit with your RV in Canada


Following on from the last post, I thought I might share some great ideas about must see destinations in North America.

Everyone has his own definition of travelling. A few of you might want to visit ancient forts or temples or other may be interested in exploring nature. One may like to enjoy the leisure of lazy sunlit beaches for that perfect tan or travelling deep woods to explore the challenging wildlife. Few people are interested in exploring different cultures and colors of life.

Canada is a country full of attractive options for long road trips that makes it ideal place for RVing. It has facilities of RV parks and campgrounds. Most of the places have scenic beauty and breathtaking natural places, wild-life, museums, local dance, food, mountains, lakes, wide open spaces, ocean and everything else a traveler can dream of. Here is a list of some of the most preferred places in Canada for RV trips.


Alberta: Alberta is famous for its beautiful Rockies range. It is one of the unique places where prairies, boreal forests and mountain ecosystem exist in a natural harmony. Calgary is a place to pick up Rental RV. There are many RV parks and campsites available for RV vacationers and tent campers.  This place has a lot of things to offer to its visitors like wildlife, mountains, world class hiking, skiing, camping, dining, art and natural beauty. Lake Louise is a mountain lake surrounded by snow-capped peaks and at the far end is large glacier.

British Columbia:  it is the westernmost province of Canada. It is one of the awesome places where you can experience the thrill of climbing to the peak of a mountain and soak in the warmth of a desert. It is lined with lakes, rivers, marshes and streams that support wildlife in abundance. You can begin your journey from Vancouver or Victoria.

Newfoundland and Labrador: This eastern province is a village with small population spread over a wide land mass. It is said that Newfoundlander lives on sea. RV parks and campgrounds get booked in advance so, get your reservation in time, to get the best campsite with the best view.

Nova Scotia: It is one of oldest provinces in Canada with a large peninsula. It has Cape Breton Island which is a large island with northeast part of Nova Scotia. Halifax is provincial capital and largest city in the capital with plenty of opportunities for travelers to experience historical value of this place along with culture, sumptuous food and drinks.

Quebec: It is the place you will fall in love with. This place has a large variety of landscapes and countless forests, mountains, lakes and rivers. It has extensive list of campgrounds. Quebec is unique due its geography, history and culture. It is the only Canadian province that has a predominantly French speaking population.



4 tips for a great RV trip


The idea of traveling in an RV is very appealing especially for those of you who spend most of their time at work or staying at home. If you are planning to drive an RV to a long trip, you should do an elaborate research on travelling by an RV. Being ready for anything will surely make your trip unforgettable.

Cars are just too normal of a vehicle- we sit comfortably and drive, end of the story. But an RV can bring you to a whole lot different perspective of driving. According to some people who use RVs say that they are very easy to learn, but many others suggest to absorb in the experience of driving RV to get most out of it. I personally want an RV since I was young- let us say from the day I started watching Eliza Thornberry. There is just something with traveling that only an RV can give. You can call it a home in the midst of a whole new place you are going to.

Here are the four helpful tips for a great RV trip

  • You should map your RV travel destination. RV trip is an exhilarating freedom of an open road. You can go wherever and whenever you want, but you must have a clear-cut travel plan in place. See to it that you have the correct road maps and the best RV GPS, especially if you are new to RV travel and the place. You must plan your trip wisely. Stick to the safe spots rather than going down narrow.
  • Have a thorough checklist of things to do and to bring before your trip. See to it that your RV is sufficient with water and gas and a foolproof electric system. Bring a first aid kit along with you and keep it in an outside storage compartment. Include a list of contacts in case of emergency.
  • Have time for outdoor activities if you are traveling with kids. RV travel is a good way for the children to see new places and faces. You should know your responsibility. Drive slowly over the speed bumps to avoid accidents.
  • No matter how well-traveled you are, there will be a time when you will encounter problems or people you haven’t faced, or spotted and whom you have never heard of. You will meet new folks, who will become an important part of your RV journey. If you are in doubt, don’t hesitate to ask these fellow RV travelers.

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The best cruises in the Caribbean



The Caribbean Islands is the best place for a relaxed vacation. White sandy beaches and turquoise water make the Caribbean islands most desirable holiday destination. Some Caribbean islands have lush green rain forests, crawling mountain trails and bright coral beaches. A number of people visit the Caribbean each year to relish the scenic beauty and wonderful weather. If you could travel to Caribbean on a Cruise ship, believe me it will be the most memorable trips you would ever had. There are many cruises that offer packages and plans to travel to the Caribbean I will discuss some of the best cruises just for you.


Star Legend Cruise: Star Legend offers a luxury trip to the Caribbean islands. It is a traditional cruise ship with spacious and luxurious cabins. Most cabins have large bathroom with marble flooring, shower or tub and a French balcony. Elevators in the cruise makes it a most comfortable cruise ship as far as indoor mobility is concerned. The Star Legend Cruise offers different varieties of dining options to the travelers as well as complimentary 24/7 room service. The Star Legend Cruise has a small stage and dance floors to enjoy the evenings. Bars and lounges well decorated with astonishing modern decor. The small pool at the Deck 7 is altogether refreshing. Many suite rooms are offered with additional facilities such as LCD flat-screen TV with DVD and VCD players, a queen size bed and a complimentary mini-bar. These suits are best for families with older kids.


Disney Fantasy Caribbean Cruise:  Disney Fantasy Caribbean Cruise offers various entertainment options to convert a boring sea journey into the most enjoyable trips, by arranging for different games and events for its passengers. Disney Fantasy Caribbean Cruise programs include “Wishes” for adults. It has a Disney based theme park which offers various musical programs for adults as well as shows animated movies for kids. Aqua lab on deck 12 offers an 1800 square feet pool area for water games. Satellite Sun Deck is specially designed for adults. The cabins are large and comfortable. The cabins have ample closet space, a single bed, heavy curtains which help in dividing the room into two for kids, queen sized beds and a 22 inch flat TV. Magical portholes are situated just above the bed which gives a real time view of the water and the world beyond. Disney Fantasy Caribbean Cruise offers three themed dining restaurants. They are the Animators Palate, the Royal Court and the Enchanted Garden. The room service is free and it is available round the clock. One of the main attractions of the Disney Fantasy Caribbean Cruise is for the kids. They can enjoy watching Mickey moving around all over the cruise. Disney Fantasy Caribbean Cruise is one of the best cruises that are currently available for a Caribbean journey.


Sea Dream 1: Sea Dream 1 offers a casual and cool atmosphere. It is a top-notch ship that offers excellent multi-cuisine and services. Sea Dream 1 offers excellent cabins for the passengers. The standard suites (195 square feet) offer small rooms with a flat LCD TV, DVD player and fridge stuffed with many complimentary snacks and drinks. This Cruise has a small elevator offering the comfort of moving around for its passengers. For entertainment, the cruise offers a small lounge where the travelers can watch movies any time they wish or try their luck in casino. Sea Dream 1 is best suited for people who like to go for a cost effective Caribbean trip.



3 tips for a successful camping trip


Camping with family is the best getaway and you will have the chance to spend some quality time with your dearest ones. You can have an altogether different experience in the lap of nature with your family. If planned carefully a camping trip can prove to be the most wonderful time of togetherness. But it would be nice to be well prepared before starting off for a camping trip. Though it is difficult to identify all the requirements for these camping trips, still a camping definitely be remembered and appreciated for many days to come.

First, you have to decide the camping spot and make everyone in the group to agree on the place of camping. Inquire about the campsite availability and the fees, if any, to be paid. Careful planning is very important and though there are many things to consider, we will limit the discussion to the following 3 points for a successful camping trip.


Tip 1: Pack the Right Equipment

This is the most essential thing to be decided about, for a successful camping trip. The absence of the right equipment can turn your camping trip from the best experience to the worst one. Check the weather forecast and pack your stuff accordingly but be prepared for any kind of weather. The most important equipment required would be a tent for night, a sleeping bag, good and reliable hiking boots, a flashlight, a jumper, safety equipment, raincoat, thongs, towels, hiking tools and the absolutely essential personal accessories. Also include the small tools like scissors, a knife, a bottle opener, first-aid kit and small pliers. But be careful to pack only the essentials cutting the weight you have to carry if the camping spot is away from the parking place.

Tip 2: Plan the food and cooking requirements


Always pack extra food while going on a camping trip. If you run out of supplies and in absence of shops near such secluded places, you may have to spend days without food. If you plan to cook on your camping trip, plan out the meals in advance. This will allow you to pack all the required groceries. You must take a portable stove or campfire along, to cook. This will make the camping all the more exciting. Try to pack along items that cook fast and easily. No need to plan a six course meal. Stick to basics. Most importantly, don’t forget about water. Take a lot of water.


Tip 3: Plan the Activities


This is also a crucial decision, especially if you are planning a camping trip with family and kids. Kids usually won’t have much to do on a camping trip and so they tend to get bored easily. Depending on the camping location, you can schedule activities like fishing, hikes, board games, campfire, nature–related games, musical games, paddle a canoe or bird walks. You can also carry some interesting books as well.

Finally, make a checklist of all the things that you need to take along. A camping trip gives you a lot of time to observe, explore and communicate with nature in addition to enjoying free time with your family. It also helps to strengthen the family bonding in a fun-filled and relaxed way.

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