I believe radar detectors should be illegal in the US

Radar detectors are used so widely and openly that it has become an imperative topic of deliberation and different people voice different view about making it illegal. In the USA some states strictly prohibit the use of radar detectors in commercial vehicles, but allow its use by private vehicle drivers.

In my opinion, making the strict and punishable law to inhibit the use of radar detectors in the USA is the safest way to save countless lives from death or lifelong handicap.

If you ponder on the use of radar detector, even if it is allowed in a region, is just like permitting the rash drivers to violate the most common traffic rules. Some websites speak about motorists use radar detectors to sense the presence of traffic radar guns from a safe distance and slow to the allowed speed limit before they are ticketed for over speeding.

I would be a bit rude if I say that it is a direct consent given to the drivers that are habitual of exceeding the speed limit. They are allowed to break those very rules that are meant to protect them from accidents. Such incidents harm not only those who drive rashly but these drivers are a potential threat to those people who follow the traffic and speed rules.

Everyone who owns the radar detector does not have the intention to violate the speed limits. Most of them, whom I know, use this device just to save themselves from the speeding tickets and the subsequent botheration of appearing in the court. They do this with a belief that a little misconduct will not harm anyone and they will save their hard-earned money. Young drivers have this notion and they are the ones who are worst affected by the consequences of such offence.

To save these naive people, I believe it is mandatory that laws should be made to tackle traffic rule violation and use to radar detector for any reason and be strictly enforced. The government should also take steps to spread awareness about the penalty and harm of such violations. If a strict law exists with a heavy penalty such as imprisonment, then I am sure most of the rash drivers will refrain from using radar detectors.

However, while they are still legal, I’m sure people won’t stop using them. I also use mine from time to time, as I have received it a as gift from my children. If you’d like to find out more about radar detectors, you should read these links.